What are our clients are saying about HR Outsource

Kerri has been a fantastic help with my business! Assisting with all sorts of contracts needed, staff hiring and disciplinary's, at a really affordable rate! Better than hiring someone else that probably would not bring in the personal touch and words one needs in making the running of a company; simple, stress free with less worry and hassles. She is easy to get hold of, easy to talk to and be honest with when it comes to all aspects of a company.

Thank you Kerri - HR Outsource



HR Outsource has been a fantastic value add to our business. By utilizing their services, they have enabled us to focus on our clients and core business, instead of being bogged down with administration and HR related issues. They have a great understanding of who we are, and what is important to us. Their consultants are very approachable, capable and efficient and are always available to answer any questions we have / assist us with whatever we need.

Working with Wildlife

Discreet and loyal, balancing both the needs of our institution and the needs of staff..

Yeshiva College

Professional team equipped with a substantial amount of experience. When collaborating with Kerri and the team, we were amazed by the level of backing they provided and the team’s understanding of the South African market & its high demands. We strongly recommend HR Outsource, a professional team equipped with extensive experience in the world of HR and recruitment.


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